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March NASDA at IOC and April events

We had an absolute fabulous time at the IOC in Virginia a few weeks ago. We welcomed five new teams to the sport.

In addition, the fabulous team of Claudia Drenan and her Chinese Crested Brio earned their level 2 urban locating title and what on to qualify in level 3. Not only is he the first dog to compete in level 3 in this area but he is the first Chinese Crested to successfully compete in level 3 in the country. He did amazing job with a hide that was 5 ft off the ground.

We're busy with two events in a row in April April 15th and 16th We are having a barn hunt and April 22nd and 23rd We are having NASDA trials.

The premium for the barn hunt is on BHA and HTC websites the premium for the NASDA trial will be there soon.

Here is the job form for entering the April NASDA trials.

You can find my form "NASDA Trials April 2023" at:

Hope to see you all in April!

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