We provide training & trialing opportunities in a variety of sports for you and your dog

Barn Hunt

We provide private lessons & workshops in our outdoor covered pavilion for teams at all levels.  

We also hold Barn Hunt Association events. 

Scent work

We provide private lessons for those just getting started to those competing in the Novice through Excellent levels in AKC.

(Currently all lessons are held outdoors)

Water Work

We specialize in water training for Portuguese Water Dogs in our 5 acre pond.  


To make an appointment for a lesson:

1. Choose the Type of Lesson (Service)

2. Choose a provider

Julie Asbed TW is at  Teamworks in Youngsville. 

Julie Asbed HTC is in Williamston

3. Choose a date (TW Wednesday daytime only)

                             (HTC days & times vary)

4. Choose a time from those listed and follow the rest of the instructions

NOTE: Availability is subject to change


We are in the process of planning the construction of a Fast Cat track in our field.  More details will follow as construction progresses.