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Rodeo Dog coming soon!
Jules passed her judge's test

Hat Trick Caos has been APPROVED as a CPE club
We will be planning CPE Speedway and
Canine Scent Sport trials soon

Upcoming 2023 Events​​

  • September 29 Intro and Advanced handling NASDA workshops with Senior Judge Jessica Clough @ IOC in Smithfield, VA

  • September 30-October 1 NASDA        3 trials/day  IOC in Smithfield, VA 

  • October 20 Intro to NASDA workshop @ PWD Jamboree by Jules 

  • October 21-22, 2023 NASDA                  2 trials/day Seneca, SC

  • November 24-26, YAC Fast CAT @ HTC

  • December 1-3 NASDA in Youngsville, NC (pending approval)

Events in planning phase

therefore, they are subject to change 

  • November 10-12,2023 BHA Williamston, NC (HTC)

  • December 22-24, 2023 BHA @ HTC

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