Workshop Friday May 6th

Trials Saturday & Sunday May 7-8

Come learn about the fun sport that started on the west coast and is blazing a trail in the southeast! The cost is $50 per team (1 human, 1 dog) The workshop includes a lecture segment and a paws on the ground working segment. 


Venue: Hat Trick CAOS - 1106 Penelope Lane; Williamston, NC 27892


What the heck is NASDA, anyway?!

NASDA is a canine sport registry that was established in 2016, and strives to celebrate the versatility of our dogs’ noses. At this current date, NASDA holds 4 different scent based classes for dog and handler teams to compete in.

Trailing & Locating - Your dog will trail a track laid by the judge to a quarry box containing rats.

Urban Locating - Your dog must locate a quarry box containing rats hidden in a human built environment (examples: barn, ally way, etc.)

Shed Dog - Your dog must find a hidden deer shed/antler in a field.

Lost Item - Your dog must find a hidden item such as a glove, wallet, etc. This can be played indoors or outdoors

Click the link below for more information about the NASDA workshop