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We had a great time introducing HAPPY RATTERS and NASDA at Teamwork's dog Training this weekend. We're already doing NASDA here at HTC. Teamworks and HTC are interested in developing HAPPY RATTERS in the area.

February 11&12 Barn Hunt at HTC

March 18th and 19th NASDA in Smithfield, VA

WEBSITE IS BEHIND because my computer died last week.

You can access barn hunt premium from BHA website

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BHA & Happy Ratter entries are OPEN

HTC offering Barn Hunt in TWO locations this May. Our first trial is May 17-19 at Teamworks Dog Training in Youngsville, NC. Our second trial is May 31-June 2 at Positive K9 in Henderson NC. We are

NASDA this weekend NO LATE FEES

You can still enter our trial this weekend to be held in Williamston North Carolina without occurring any late fees up until 8:30 on the morning of the trials. COME JOIN US

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Mira Micin
Mira Micin
Mar 13, 2023

Can't wait to hear more news on any upcoming Happy Ratters events. I will be signing up for sure

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